2019 Wacker Neuson SW28 Series II

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Wacker Neuson
SW28 Series II



The SW28 brings maximum reach making it ideal for loading and unloading. The SW28 delivers 2,800 pounds of rated operating capacity at 50% and a lift height up to 134.8 inches. The machine is equipped with a 74.3 hp turbo-charged Kohler Tier 4Final engine. Available with Mechanical Hand-Foot, EH Hand-Foot, and Selectable EH (ISO and H-Pattern) controls, the machine can fit the preferences of any user. The ergonomically designed controls and pressurized cab delivers comfort and visibility, reducing operator fatigue, increasing productivity.

  • Height top of ROPS: 83.2 in.
  • Overall length w/ bucket: 145.4 in.
  • Overall length w/o bucket: 117.5 in.
  • Operating weight: 8,175 lb.
  • Height Hinge Pin Max: 134.8 in.
  • Rated Operating Capacity 50%: 2,800 lb.
  • Dump height max. at max height: 107.8 in.
  • Angle of departure: 23 °
  • Tipping angle (bucket dump) w/bucket at max height: 44 °
  • Ground clearance: 9 in.
  • Breakout force max. - Bucket: 6,941 lbf
  • Breakout force max. - Boom: 8,200 lbf
  • Width: 71.9 in.
  • Wheelbase: 49.9 in.
  • Engine / Motor: Kohler KDI 3404TCR
  • Engine performance: 74 hp
  • Displacement: 205 cu. in.
  • RPM / speed: 2,500 rpm
  • Fuel tank capacity: 40 US gal.
  • Auxiliary Hydraulics- Standard Flow: 22.1 US gpm
  • Auxiliary Hydraulics- High Flow: 31.7 US gpm
  • Pressure aux. relief: 3,480 psi
  • Travel speed (low): 7.2 mph
  • Travel speed (high): 12 mph
Key Features
  • Standard two-speed transmission increases travel time on the job sites giving the operator more time throughout the day to get more tasks completed.
  • Spacious extended cab maximizes room and comfort for the operator to move inside the cab.
  • Optional high flow hydraulics increase the range of usable attachments improving efficiency and productivity.
  • Quick and easy service access from the forward tilting cab and the arrangement of internal components makes it easy to maintain the machine.
  • Hydraulically driven fan operates on an as-needed basis allowing faster warm-up times of the engine and significantly reducing noise.



Engine Type
Kohler KDI 3404TCR
74 hp
Rated RPM
2,500 rpm
Fuel Capacity
40 US gal.


117.5 in.
71.9 in.
83.2 in.
49.9 in.

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